Grammar Schools, Are They Better Education or Just Segregation? (repost)

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There is a huge issue in the UK education system now, and that is the lifting of the ban relating to new grammar schools. As most people know who read this blog I am an FE and Adult Education teacher so it will not directly affect me but I do have some very strong views on this subject. So, I am sure you guessed already that I am firmly against this idea, I believe everybody… Continue reading

Further education funding needs to change (repost)

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Something came through one of my social media feeds earlier today which had me thinking about teaching in the FE sector including the way funding works, all of us that have worked in that sector understand the pressures that are put on by management, especially when it comes time for the big “O” to come and visit you again.  So obviously, the management of the college want as many people on the courses as possible. … Continue reading

The first 100 days of President Trump’s office (repost)

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So, we are through the first 100 days of President Trump’s reign and to say it has been a bumpy ride would probably be the understatement of all time. He has signed enough executive orders for last 100 months never mind 100 days. The fighting with mainstream media looks like it will never end, and he is still tweeting like a champion. From the start, it has been a bit of a train wreck with… Continue reading

So encryption issue rears its ugly head again!!! (repost)

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So, over the weekend the British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd pointed out that the Westminster terrorist had been speaking to somebody just before then attack using WhatsApp messenger. Of course, there is no way for the information to be intercepted as WhatsApp uses end to end encryption so the data cannot realistically be intercepted by security services. Now Ms Rudd claims that there should be a way that organisation with judicial authority should be given… Continue reading

Who is going to sell your data today? (repost)

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Well it looks like those nice internet service providers in the USA are going to have the chance to sell your data, now I am not going to get all smug as I am at this side of the pond as our own Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill is hardly anything to be happy about. To be honest it is no real surprise that this has happened as I always thought of Republicans as… Continue reading

Is Your Company Moving To The Cloud Or Sticking With Desktop Apps (repost)

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So there is a great push at the moment with companies moving to the cloud for better collaboration, rather than sticking to desktop applications. Most of the places I have worked and even in my personal productivity has been based on Microsoft and Adobe applications. So whether it is in my ICT teaching role, delivering training using Microsoft office or in a Web Development environment using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Illustrator that has always been… Continue reading

Teachers wearing body cameras, a good move or just overkill (repost)

Well, this is certainly an interesting trial, teachers wearing body cameras in the classroom.  This is a very interesting issue especially when you look at the benefits of having it versus the debate on data protection. This will be a hot topic going forward and will be very interesting to see the outcomes of the trial that is currently taking place. The two schools that are taking part in the trial are wearing the police-style… Continue reading

Betsy DeVos Is Just a Continuation Of Unqualified Politicians Holding Important Positions (repost)

Well, reading over the last few days about Betsy DeVos and her suitability for Education Secretary in the USA, had me thinking about politicians in general and their suitability to be in control of sections of government. Now I am not going to say whether Ms DeVos is well qualified or not as an Education Secretary as I do not know her educational background. What I will see though if she is a businesswoman and… Continue reading

Article 50 Implemented, This Is Going to Be a Bumpy Ride (Repost)

Well as we expected Theresa May has implemented Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, giving notice the United Kingdom wishes to withdraw from the European Union. I will be honest, not one of the great weeks of my life. I was four years old when we joined the then Common Market, we worked hard to get in, much to French protestations and with the flick of her pen Mrs May dismantled out membership. As I… Continue reading

Shaming Children Clearly Doing More Harm than Good!!! (repost)

It has made the news again recently that an academy in the UK is using shaming tactics to promote better behaviour and academic improvement. I must see on this one that I completely disagree that this is any way a good approach to take. As I have mentioned before I am from a Further Education teaching background. I have always had a standing rule with my students and that is any motivation and disciplinary matters… Continue reading