Grammar Schools, Are They Better Education or Just Segregation? (repost)

There is a huge issue in the UK education system now, and that is the lifting of the ban relating to new grammar schools. As most people know who read this blog I am an FE and Adult Education teacher so it will not directly affect me but I do have some very strong views on this subject. So, I am sure you guessed already that I am firmly against this idea, I believe everybody should be taught I the same type of outstanding educational establishment and there should be no grammar schools, secondary modern schools or any other descriptor you wish to label them with. There should just be schools that do a fantastic job of teaching our children.

There is absolutely zero reason for a two-tier education system to be in place. I could not believe what I was hearing when Theresa May said the ban on new grammar schools would give every child the best chance of a quality education. What a disgusting slap in the face for all the current hard-working practitioners that are reaching every day in non-grammar schools. Theresa, are you really saying that these people are not delivering a satisfactory education? If I were a school teacher I would be pretty upset by that statement, and unless it can be backed up with very solid rationale I would expect a fulsome apology for this outrageous verbal attack.

I do not always agree with Jeremy Corbyn, in fact, I rarely ever do but on this occasion, I have to agree that it seems like Thresa’ May’s personal vanity project that could have a devastating effect on the way education is currently delivered. The best teachers and the best students will be skimmed off for grammar schools and that will leave students that are less academically gifted with the educators that do not quite make the grammar school mark. I guess we could just send those students to UTC’s because that is working out so well isn’t it Mr Gove?

So the money has been found for new selective schools but the budgets for non-selective schools are being cut. Well, this seems like a fantastic idea that has great news written all over It. How about we just shelve the plan for selective schools and try and just make our schools deliver a fantastic education for all the children attending them. Let every child progress on their merits in the same school as their peers. Then we will really have education and not segregation.


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