The first 100 days of President Trump’s office (repost)

So, we are through the first 100 days of President Trump’s reign and to say it has been a bumpy ride would probably be the understatement of all time. He has signed enough executive orders for last 100 months never mind 100 days. The fighting with mainstream media looks like it will never end, and he is still tweeting like a champion.

From the start, it has been a bit of a train wreck with the travel restrictions on those 7 and now 6 countries, people being detained, lawsuits and confusion everywhere. This was clearly rushed out and was rightly stopped by the judicial process, so we have a new iteration of it and I am not sure we are any clearer whether this is lawful or not. Watch this space for updates over the coming months.

It should be slightly easier now for President Trump to get his laws passed especially now that the Supreme Court has a Conservative majority after the rules were changed to only require a majority now to appoint new Supreme Court justices. I am not too sure if I would be happy in that position knowing I could not even make the required 60/100 backing me. Oh well, it is done now and we will just have to see how it works out.

The spectre of Russia is still firmly flying over President Trump with the independent enquiry turning into a bit of a debacle with tales being told to the President before the committee with the Attorney General and now the Chair of the committee taking themselves away from the process. I am sure that this one has a long way to go before we find out what has gone on if we do ever find this information out.

There are going to be plenty of overseas issues to deal within the next few months, as well as all the issues at home. The North Korea and Syria situations are not going away anytime soon and if anything will only escalate, so it will be interesting if President Trump takes aggressive action in relation to these areas, which goes quite a bit against his election pledge. If he does go ahead with getting deeply involved in a long-term conflict, especially after not being able to come through with the affordable care act changes he wanted. I can see a lot of the people that voted for him being mightily unhappy.

From my personal point of view, and I will say that my political stance is as far away from the one taken by President Trump as possible, is that it has been a poor start, however not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We now should wait and see if the second 100 days are any smoother or perish the thought an even bumpier ride.

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