Forced Windows 10 Update, The Next Steps (repost)

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Well, it will soon be time for the Windows 10 Creators Update, with a raft of new things to help us. Quite looking forward to Paint 3D and a bit more control in relation to updates. However, what I am really looking forward to is advertisements in the UI. Yes, I know it can be turned off but it just adds to another annoyance that has been baked into Windows 10 since the launch. It… Continue reading

Who Takes the Blame for Term-Time Holidays, Schools, Local Authority, Parents or Travel Companies? (repost)

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Well, this one has been grumbling on for quite some time. Although it has now come to an end with the Supreme Court in the UK judging against Jon Platt. If anyone does not know the story. Mr Platt was fined by his local authority for taking his daughter on a term-time holiday and refusing to pay the £60 fine issued by the local authority. Mr Platt went through the various legal stages in the… Continue reading

Brexit and Trump, is it time to accept the result and make the best of a tough situation? (repost)

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Without a doubt 2016 was probably the worst political year of my adult life with Brexit and Trump, in my opinion, there were two of the poorest outcomes I can ever remember. I will start out by saying that politically I do not lean very far in either direction. I have voted for the UK Labour party every year since I was first eligible to vote in 1986. So, I would say that I am… Continue reading

Sex Education In Schools (repost)

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I have had a few discussions recently in relation to who is responsible for teaching sex education, should it be the responsibility of teachers or parents? Maybe it should be a combination of both, but there are certainly a lot of discussions on the subject.  I have changed my view about this slightly over the years, I was always of the opinion that sex education should be the role of the parent, in fact, I believe social… Continue reading

Retention of Students That Do Not Want to Be There!!! (repost)

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Now, this has happened on many courses that I have taught on, you know the student that is just there to either be with their friends or they have been persuaded to move into further education by parents. In fact, it was happening so much at one establishment I taught at, from 2005 onwards we decided that every full-time course in the department below level two must have a four-week introduction course before moving the… Continue reading

Restraint Injuries at Special Need Schools What Is Going On? (repost)

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It was reported at the end of last week that there were many restraint injuries reported in special needs schools according to the BBC. According to the report, there have been 773 incidents reported in the last three years according to a Freedom of Information Request based on 13,000 physical restraints. Now I understand that this may have t be done on occasions to keep the people within the classroom safe, however, these seem like… Continue reading

Ofsted considering the use of social media to see how schools are performing (repost)

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Well this was an interesting one that came from Ofsted at the end of last week. I am not too sure how I would feel about basing my schools possible need for intervention based around how many likes It has on Twitter or thumbs up on Facebook. The problem with using social media for this sort of exercise is that people tend to be overly negative in relation to things, a parent is much more… Continue reading

It looks like the mobile first plan really is here to stay (repost)

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So, it came out in the last few days that Android is the most used operating system to access the internet. So, does this mean that the king of all things operation systems, Windows is dying? Not necessarily, remember that Windows still has over 90% of the desktop market. That is the problem though, a lot more people use mobile to access the internet now, whether this is on a table, a laptop or a… Continue reading

Teacher Training, does it prepare you for stepping into the classroom? (repost)

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I am going to take a step back in time to Autumn/Fall of 2001, this is when I started to do my initial teacher training. I must say it was a very enjoyable experience. There was a wide range of subject covered within the course. So, I must say it was a really great time. What I am asking though is, did the underpinning knowledge that I learned by completing this course add a great… Continue reading

Higher Tax On Digital Goods And Services (repost)

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I was having a conversation the other day and it came up whether there should be a much higher rate of tax on digital goods and services. Now I am talking about everything here from online stores, to help lines and even automation within the workplace. If you look at the way “bricks and mortar” stores are folding now, due to the fact that everybody is buying online, something really needs to be done about… Continue reading